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what investor want - Title

What Investors Want. Behavioral research on investment mentality


Investment decisions are influenced by multiple factors. Rational ones like interest rates, economic growth, inflation…

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Growth over profit? 4 lessons from WeWork fall


The recent case of WeWork seems to have opened a pandora’s box in the venture…

Between Holliwod and Silicon Valley - Title

Between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. 10 celebrities investing in startups


There was a time when venture capitalists were a restricted and specialized number of investors…

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Does the age of founders really matter?


We know that assessing a startup potential is a very challenging task. Many factors play…

Startup Due Diligence

Startup Due Diligence.


Startup Due Diligence. What is it and why it is crucial? The term “due diligence”…

Investing in startups. How, why and key facts.

Investing in startups. How, why and key facts


Startups investments are increasingly becoming more popular and every year the total venture capital investment…

Mind the internet metrics when investing in startups

Mind the internet metrics when investing in startups. They might all be fake!

09.01.2019.Investors.#Ellen K. Pao

Mind the internet metrics when investing in startups. We well know that, when investing in…

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How to value a startup?

15.12.2017.Investors.#due diligence

It is important to properly estimate the value of the business as it reflects the…

Top 10 Angels Investors in Europe. Is there any common path behind their success?


The wold Angel Investor might appear quite pretentious. It could…but only to those who never…

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