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Title - History of crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding in history. Five lessons from a 17th century crowdfunding


Equity crowdfunding has been growing popularity in the last years. The recent period has seen…

Key Success Factors in Equity Crowdfunding

Key Success Factors in Equity Crowdfunding


The following article has been written for Bloomio by Francisco Ferreira, author of the academic study…

Title Security tokens

Security Tokens: The Crypto Industry’s Next Boom


The crypto space continues to evolve, and projects are now keen to introduce their functionality…

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When the crowd funds startups: The three main channels to raise capitals


Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform globally, has published its key statistics about the funding activities…

Article from the author of the thesis

Disrupting and democratizing: blockchain deployment in equity crowdfunding.


Disrupting and democratizing: blockchain deployment in equity crowdfunding. Notes from a Master Dissertation on the…

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Equity Crowdfunding vs. Venture Capital: The Key Differences Every Investor and startups should know


When it comes to raising finances for startups and companies, the internet has become one…

When the crowd gets smart. Smart money and equity crowdfunding


Let’s talk about “Smart Money”.   Smart Money for Investors Successful stock market investors already…

key differences between Crowdfunding and ICOs

Crowdfunding, Equity Crowdfunding and ICOs, What Are the Differences?


You surely heard the terms Crowdfunding, Equity Crowdfunding and ICOs. While there are several points…

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