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Investing in startups. How, why and key facts.

Investing in startups. How, why and key facts


Startups investments are increasingly becoming more popular and every year the total venture capital investment…

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Equity Crowdfunding vs. Venture Capital: The Key Differences Every Investor and startups should know


When it comes to raising finances for startups and companies, the internet has become one…

When the crowd gets smart. Smart money and equity crowdfunding


Let’s talk about “Smart Money”.   Smart Money for Investors Successful stock market investors already…

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African Startups: The Next Big Thing for Investors

02.07.2018.VC Industry.#Africa VC

It is factual that investing in the African market can be a herculean task. The…

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Venture Capital 2018: The key takeaways from Q1 Valuations Report

25.06.2018.VC Industry.#Venture Capital Report

As the world is becoming faster each day, the trend of doing business with startups…

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When corporates look at startups. 4 reasons why corporations invest in startups

13.06.2018.VC Industry.#Corporate Venture Capital

We tend to see startups as an alternative to corporations. Dynamism versus steadiness, speed vs.…

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The Time to Invest is Now: Fintech Trends from the Global Fintech Report Q1’2018

03.05.2018.VC Industry.#fintech

Defined by its tendencies towards constant innovation and advancement, the state of the Fintech industry…

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The Top Reasons Why Startups Fail: Learning About Informed Investment

19.03.2018.VC Industry.#Failure

“If only I could have had the budget I needed to scale”; “Customers didn’t fully…

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The top ten trends in Financial Service

11.03.2018.VC Industry.#fintech

An interesting report issued by PWC[1] identifies the top 10 trends in Financial Service Technology…

Swiss VC report

Swiss Venture Capital Report: The Dawn of A New Economic Era in Switzerland

16.02.2018.VC Industry.#Swiss Venture Capital Report published their annual Swiss Venture Capital Report in collaboration with the Swiss Private Equity…

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