The Time to Invest is Now: Fintech Trends from the Global Fintech Report Q1’2018

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Defined by its tendencies towards constant innovation and advancement, the state of the Fintech industry is rapidly changing, right before investors’ eyes. While many new trends are being identified as the months pass, one statement has been repeated time and time again: there has never been a better time to invest in startups. Why? We’ve highlighted a few of the most recent, data-driven trends in the Fintech industry to explain why the time to get into investing in Fintech is now.

  1. Fintech funding set a quarterly record for mega-rounds

Funding in Fintech experienced a significant boost, as seen in the twelve investments of $100 million dollars and over. Increased investment in Fintech was an international trend, as these generous $100M investments came from four different continents and included companies such as N26, eToro, Oscar Health, and C2FO.[1]

  1. Global Fintech deal activity set a quarterly record

More investors are making deals with Fintech companies than ever before, especially those coming from the United States. In Q1, Fintech companies backed by venture capitalism raised over $5.4B globally, which spanned across 323 deals. This means that global Fintech deal activity has hit an all-time high.[2]

  1. The number of Fintech unicorns is always growing[3]

Right now, there are 26 Fintech unicorns worldwide—two of which were only birthed in Q1 of 2018. In addition, two of the top eleven deals to VC-backed Fintech companies were responsible for the creation of unicorns. When aggregated, the global community of Fintech unicorns is valued at around $77.6B.

Other trends taking over Fintech right now, as reported in “Fintech: A view of the future” by the Institute of Digital Economics of the ESIC, include: a move towards openness, the disruption of Web 4.0, the emphasis of social media in peer to peer interactions, the increased relevance of blockchain technology, and the need for identity authentication.


What does all this mean for Bloomio?

In short, only good things. The long answer begins with Bloomio’s unique and user-friendly interface, as well as its revolutionary idea. Bloomio, AG is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects high-potential startups with individual investors, facilitating low-risk transactions with high rewards. The platform provides both startup founders and investors with unprecedented agency. Startup founders are able to create fundraising campaigns—after being accepted by Bloomio’s board of third-party experts—where their equity is tokenized, and then able to be bought and traded by investors. This is all done on a platform that takes immense pride in its security, employing cutting-edge blockchain technology in its digital marketplace.


What does this mean for you?

It’s clear from these trends that investing in startups is more lucrative and—thanks to Bloomio—more accessible than ever before. To invest in a startup with Bloomio, you only need as little as 50 USD to get started. After that, all of the choices are yours. Rather than telling you what to do, Bloomio’s expertise provides a guiding hand. Only startups of the highest quality are allowed to raise funds on the platform, meaning that your money is only being passed between the right hands.

You no longer need to be an angel investor to be a successful venture capitalist. So, since you know the time is right, the only thing left to do is sign up. Bloomio’s team of experienced professionals will teach you everything else you need to know.

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