Title for top 10 female startups

Top 10 female run startups: the best answer to gender inequality

Gender imbalance in the workforce emerged as one of the main issues in today’s workplace. We still see very few ...
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Does the age of founders really matter?

We know that assessing a startup potential is a very challenging task. Many factors play a crucial role but there ...
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Startup Due Diligence

Startup Due Diligence.

Startup Due Diligence. What is it and why it is crucial? The term “due diligence” refers to the investigative process ...
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Title - History of crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding in history. Five lessons from a 17th century crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding has been growing popularity in the last years. The recent period has seen a further growth thanks to ...
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Insights on Swiss Startup Investment

Swiss VC Investment Tops CHF 1.2 Bn. Insights from the 2019 Swiss VC Report

News that investment in Swiss start-ups has smashed the 1 billion franc mark will come as no surprise to those ...
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Investing in startups. How, why and key facts.

Investing in startups. How, why and key facts

Startups investments are increasingly becoming more popular and every year the total venture capital investment reaches a new record.[1] Recently ...
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Mind the internet metrics when investing in startups

Mind the internet metrics when investing in startups. They might all be fake!

Mind the internet metrics when investing in startups. We well know that, when investing in startups, lack of information is ...
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Startup in Europe

Startups in Europe: Learnings from EU Startup Monitor 2018 Report

Two researchers of ESCP Europe, one of the leading business school in the old continent, recently released an insightful report ...
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